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"I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

Do people tell you you're "wishy-washy"? Are you indecisive about your career? Are your creative juices slowly drying up and dying? Are you afraid of never being able to find a job that will constantly ignite your passon and keep you in love with your job? Maybe you are afraid of becoming bored and stuck forever? 

Widening The Trail To Success: How I'm Turning My Personality Into An Empire  

I went from "wishy-washy", and having "too many" passions and interests to decide on a single career, to having new direction and setting myself up for success, while still staying involved in all of my changing interests and passions. SO CAN YOU.  

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  

I could never easily answer this question, but wasn't sure why.  

After the age of about fourteen, I realized the pressure was on for real. I knew I had to begin deciding what I wanted to do for the REST OF MY LIFE.  

My heart was set on professional motocross or Supercross. I was going to be the first female to push the men off the track! ;)  

I had myself convinced that this is what I needed to do in order to maintain sanity.  

I threw myself at it 100%, and gradually accepted that it was actually not the type of life I wanted.  

I became more open to trying new things, and the world opened up before me.  

One week I would be obsessed with the art of knife-making, and the next, I drooled over the idea of becoming a world-traveler, only to find out the month after that, my true calling in life was to do work rescuing wild animals.  

As I waded deeper and deeper into my high school career, I dreaded the anticipation people left with me the moment after they asked me what my plans were. 

And not being able to give a straight answer, I knew they believed in me, . . . or did they? Were they trying to mock me? It almost seemed like they were, and the question haunted me day and night.  

I eventually realized that I didn't have to do one thing. I could have seasonal jobs, or split my time to carry four to five different professions at once. It was exciting to find out there is a term for that, a portfolio career, but I knew I would still get bored holding those same professions for my entire life, and the specialist-favoring world would make it difficult to "spread my wings" financially.  

While I was trying to conform to and keep up with society's expectations of deciding on a single path, my true emotions and thoughts had been put on the back-burner.  

Then I found out that there are more people like me! I am what is called a multipotentialite.  

How Can You Turn This Into Your Own Empire?  

Hi! My name is Vanessa Adelman. Most people know me as the goofy, funny girl who makes funny videos on YouTube, but I have been where you are. I have learned from the experience of not knowing where to turn when you don't want to do just anything, and you just want to do everything. 

By taking you along for the ride, I will help you solve the "problem" of having "too many" passions and interests. We will come out on top, being able to take up as many interests, passions, and new hobbies as our hearts desire, and chase them to our heart's content.

I will share my best personal secrets, tricks and tips with you to help you grow an online presence that will have the flexibility to conform and mold to your constantly changing wants, needs, and desires. You will soon be allowed to blossom without holding yourself back!

Here are a few tips before we get started:

Tip #1: Be open to accepting new information. This includes new ideas that you have never heard about before and some may even make you a little bit frustrated or sad to hear, but if you apply them and stick with them, you will be able to walk away from them, genuinely glad you did them.

Tip#2: Don't drop this one. As multipotentialites, our nature is to understand, get bored, and leave. Through all of this, even when you completely understand every concept I share with you, stick with it. If you become bored with this whole "online presence" concept, that should be your cue to dig deeper and find a more efficient way to grow.

Tip#3: Be active. I cannot stress this enough! Be active on blog posts, social media, and everywhere else on the internet for that matter! Actively giving value, posting your opinions, and posting legitimate responses will bring people together, enhance your credibility, and bring more eyes your way than you are expecting!

Not only will I teach you what I've learned about online success already, but I'll take you along for the ride and share my successes with you so that MY success can become OUR success! Get your backpack below, throw it on your back, and get psyched up for some awe-inspiring adventure! 


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