What Are Multipotentialites?

File2375This site is based on the idea that not all people thrive through specialization. Actually, much of the population consists of those who are oppressed when expected to specialize.


Am I a multipotentialite?

There are many different names these types of people go by, including Renaissance person, scanner, or polymath. I prefer the terms multipotentialite and scanner.:)

When I say scanner, I don’t mean the one in your office.

A scanner, or multipotentialite is a person who takes interest in many different activities, and sometimes, they are hardly related. These interests can change quickly, dramatically, and easily. As anyone does, these types of people use their interests, experiences, and vast pools of knowledge to solve new problems.

Upon reading this, you may find out that you are a multipotentialite, or possibly  some people you know are scanners.

Anyone could be a multipotentialite. But it is not something you can become if you think you want to. You either are or you aren’t. There is not some secret formula to becoming a scanner. You can only accept and embrace your multipotentiality.

A multipotentialite, as the name describes, is anyone who has many talents and lots of potential and talent in various areas.

They may seem wishy-washy, indecisive, and unstable in their interests. Once you get to know them, though, they are curious, passionate about life and a blast to be around.

They hold many dreams, and have a strong desire to make them all come true. They hold each one of their passions near and dear to their heart, with some closer than others. The degree of passion for the interests can change dramatically.

If you believe you belong to this sort of community, and you enjoy many different activities, there is nothing wrong with you. No matter what people say, you are a talented, intelligent, decisive person.

Some geniuses in history, including Leonardo da Vinci, are polymaths.

Who is not a multipotentialite?

People who are very passionate about one path or interest are not polymaths. Everyone is different, and some thrive off of being surrounded by one profession or dream for their entire life or most of their lives.

Who gives a shit?

HA! That’s great.

So tell me, how did those paint chips taste?

What sorts of activities do multipotentialites enjoy?

We enjoy most of anything and everything. Some of us have a wider range of interests than others. For example, I enjoy creating art through pen, charcoal, pencil, and paint, creating recipes, cooking, and baking.

I am interested in travelling, fishing, hunting, exploring nature, the biology, anatomy, and behavior of animals, singing, and music. I am fascinated with the Rocky Mountains, and I love creating my own drinks and trying new things.

Acting, modelling, and creating an album are also on the bucket list. I am a poetess, blogger, and know a thing or two about dirt bikes. Psychology and dreams are also a fascination of mine.

Running this site and learning that I have given someone the gift of higher self-awareness brings me true joy.

I am an example of a multipod.

IMG_2818Life and Death charcoalIMG_2797

What does it mean, personally, to be a multipotentialite?

To be a multipod is to have the freedom to live as I choose. It is having the satisfaction of knowing I am different from the rest of society. It is not choosing one profession, but choosing them all, and being open to letting my interests take me where they will and following my heart.

When I first realized I was a multipotentialite, the world opened up before me all over again. It is the most amazing feeling, like I was a caged bird, now freed. To be a multipod is acceptance of my personality, acceptance of my core being. It is an emotional experience, and the emotion is beyond words.

What does it mean to you?

What do multipods not do?

Weird question. They do everything!

Why are multipotentialites important?

Multipotentialites bring fresh ideas into different fields, and are often just as or more successful than specialists. Often, when multipotentialites are paired with specialists, they can make a phenomenally great team.

Why are multipotentialites the way they are?

One theory is that all people are born as multipotentialites, and as we get older, some are influenced to outgrow their multipotentiality. Multipods are, by nature, infinitely curious with a taste for variety and a desire to learn.

Why are multipotentialites sometimes discouraged?

This is definitely getting better all of the time, but the discouragement still happens every day, no doubt, to everyone.

Society trains people to hold the belief that we should choose one profession and stick to it. Our. Entire. Lives.

As you can imagine, with ever-changing interests, multipods and scanners don’t seem like the type to have lots of experience in very many professions. This can make their work and sometimes personal lives very difficult.

The key is to embrace your differences, and run with them.

“That’s just not how everybody else does it.”

If you are a multipotentialite, you’ve probably heard these words or a different form of them at one point or another. That’s sad and disappointing, but to an extent, it’s the truth.

Not everybody uses all of their passions, or even chases them.

Do both you and me a favor.

Chase them. Plan for them. All of them. See my Achieve the Unachievable Dream post.

Why does some of society think its strange to be a multipotentialite?

They aren’t used to the idea! There’s only one way to change that, too.

Tell them about it! Tell them everything they want to hear. They may find that they are a scanner too!

How do multipotentialites make a living?

Some of you, who don’t know that you are multipotentialites, or just found out you are, are stuck in an office or other dead-end job that you hate.

Some of you love your dead-end jobs! So, to you they aren’t dead ends. My apologies.

Others, who have realized that they are a multipotentialite, are doing what they love to do. We live on our own terms, and follow our many interests and passions, finding ways to make a living through them.

Some of us work seasonal jobs. Others are slashers, carrying as many jobs and dreams as they can at once, and dividing their time up to fit most of them in. Some carry their passions for periods of time, then move on to something new.

We are all different and have separate personalities, passions, and pursuits. Most of us are our own special blend of these!

How can I, as a multipotentialite, be a valuable resource to other polymaths so that they can follow their dreams and passions while I follow mine?

There are many ways to do this, but what it boils down to is providing some sort of valuable media. Writing a book, finding your own niche and starting a blog about it, or including a half-page about it on the back of each of your paintings are all legitimate ways to spreading the word.

And when I say, “. . . finding your own niche. . . ” I mean creating your own niche from your varying interests.

You can do that by writing all of your interests, both past and present, down on a piece of paper. Find a common thread in all of them. This may be one or a couple ideas, but try to keep them down to two. If you can’t decide on two, go back through the common thread you chose and find a common thread in the common threads.:)

How can I spread the word about multipotentialites?

There are many ways. A blog, podcasts, any writing on it, and, of course, conversing with people about it.

Don’t be afraid to discover who you really are, and more importantly, don’t you EVER be ashamed of it.


Please feel free to comment below or email me with any questions you have that I didn’t answer above!

Vanessa, xo